Host Identity Protocol Research Group (hiprg)

Agenda for IETF61, Washington, DC

Friday, November 12 at 1300-1530

CHAIRS: Tom Henderson 
        Pekka Nikander 


 5 min  Agenda bashing
 5 min  RG status update
20 min  Report from HIP and Related Architectures workshop

15 min  HIP Resolution and Rendezvous Problem Description
        - draft-eggert-hiprg-rr-prob-desc-00.txt
15 min  NAT and Firewall Traversal for HIP
        - draft-tschofenig-hiprg-hip-natfw-traversal-00.txt
15 min  Exchanging Host Identities in SIP
        - draft-tschofenig-hiprg-host-identities-00.txt

15 min  HIP Experiment Report
        - draft-irtf-hip-experiment-00.txt
30 min  Open mike discussion on HIP deployment